Monday, January 16, 2012

"She Smells So Nice"

Next week Rhino Records is set to release a 2-disc 40th anniversary reissue of the Doors' L.A. Woman album (apparently there aren't enough Doors fans still alive to support a 5-disc version, and plans for that had to be scrapped). The buzz is that the reissue features a recently unearthed, previously unreleased Doors track - "She Smells So Nice" (like pretty much anything else these days, you can find it on youtube). The track is a pretty standard 12 bar blues, nothing exciting, the sort of chord progression which you've heard a million times before. It has the advantage of having  Morrison's baritone growl and nicely weird lyrics on top of it, and the distinctive sound of Ray's keyboards, but what I can't get over is the name. What the hell is this? My junior high school journal?

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