Thursday, April 5, 2012

Phish vs the Dead: Red Beards

The first Furthur show of 2012 is tonight, and to celebrate, we bring you the latest edition of Phish vs. the Dead...

Criteria: Red(ish) Beards

The Dead: In 1974, after years of smooth-facedness (accompanied by questionable choices in coiffure), Phil Lesh  decided to go for full red(ish) beardosity:

He kept it for a few months, long enough to remain facially furry for the Grateful Dead movie, then shaved it off.


Phish: Trey Anastasio has had his crimson whiskers pretty much ever since anyone could remember (this page contains one of the few photos I could find of him without one -- about halfway down -- a pretty awesome pic of phish from 1985). Here's a fairly representative photo of his red beard-ness:


Analysis: For sheer longevity, Trey's beard should win, but there's a certain vigor to Phil's that lends it world-class woolliness. By the beard of Zeus, I declare Phil the winner!

This round: The Dead

Tally so far: Dead 3, Phish 1

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