Monday, October 3, 2011

Phish vs The Dead, Part 1 (Get In That Cell, Noodler)

For our first foray into the eternal debate, we will compare the two bands on the arrests of their lead guitarists for drug possession.

Criteria: Lead Noodler Arrests

The Dead: On January 18,1985, after parking his BMW in a no-parking zone in Golden Gate Park and freebasing, Jerry Garcia was arrested for possession of 23 packets of heroin and cocaine. Here's some news clips:


Phish: On December 15, 2006, after drifting over the yellow line in a road in upstate New York, Trey Anastasio was pulled over and arrested for the possession of a baggie of hashish and some prescription drugs (Percocet, Hydrocodone and Xanax). Here's a news clip:


Analysis: Using someone else's prescription drugs is for discontented suburban teenagers (and Rush Limbaugh), not rock stars. Freebasing is WAY more hardcore.

This round: The Dead

Tally so far: Dead 1, Phish 0

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