Monday, December 26, 2011

Phish vs the Dead: New Years Eve Edition (Airborne Vessels)

For this installment, we will compare the two bands on the objects that were used to fly over the crowd during New Year's Eve shows.

Criteria: Airborne Vessels

The Dead: On December 31, 1978, at the stroke of midnight, the Grateful Dead's longtime promoter and friend Bill Graham climbed into a 12-foot joint and flew over the crowd. (Click on the pic below to watch the video at the official website for Bill Graham)

Phish: On December 31, 1994, at the stroke of midnight, the members of Phish climbed into a 15-foot hot dog and flew over the crowd. (Click on the pic below to watch the video)

Analysis: Yes, having the band fly over the crowd is inarguably cooler than having the long-time promoter, but a joint is way, way cooler than a hot dog. (And the fact that Phish made their hot dog slightly longer is in poor taste).

This round: The Dead

Tally so far: Dead 2, Phish 1

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