Monday, December 5, 2011

Simulating Immersion for Christmas

As Christmas time approaches, dear fellow rock nerd, you may find yourself hoping against all hope that you will receive the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon "Immersion Set" from someone special as the gift on the big day. Given the state of my wife and I's household finances, I hold no such illusions.

In lieu of actually receiving it, I trolled around online to give myself the best possible approximation. I'm happy to report that the following review from provides such a thorough description of what's actually in the set to allow yourself to almost feel like your holding it in your hands (including a mention of the layer of foam egg crate when you first pry open the box):

And even better, following the article is a comment so long and rambling that it actually simulates the experience of excitedly telling a friend over a beer that you just got the Immersion Set, and in return being subjected to a digressive monologue about Pink Floyd in general, including his own experience of actually meeting Roger Waters. It even includes my favorite drunken conversational gambit of all time: saying "I'm not going to even mention" something followed by actually mentioning it (please note, this is only a small portion of the entire comment):
...I finally got to see Dark Side of the Moon Live… The Roger Waters Tour… and there is no question… that show was extremely faithful to the original album… Every note was there, exactly as you remember hearing in that aforememtioned part of the brain that has it permanently archived… there was just one little thing that could have made it better… and that can be summed up in eight words… the voices of David Gilmour and Richard Wright. I have no doubt that Roger recorded and probably even filmed some shows during his Dark Side of the Moon tours… sure would like to hear/see them… maybe he’s waiting until his retirement years… ;>) (I’m not going to mention how I got a bootleg version off of ebay from Argentina) As my date and I were leaving that night, we were talking about how the only way we could have enjoyed the concert more, would be if we could have met Roger Waters… At exactly that moment, a white HumVee Limo drove past us… from a rear passenger window, Roger Waters sticks his head out and says, “Hey Kids…” I… we… were stunned!!!... Here was the person responsible for thousands of hours of enjoyment in my life… and as they were driving away, I said the only thing I could think of to say in that moment… and so I shouted… “Thank you!... Thank You!!!... THANK YOU!!!!!” and as silly as it may be to say that someone saying two words to me out of the window of a car as they drove past has become one of the treasured memories of my life… it is those moments that one looks back on in life and remembers with a smile for the rest of one’s life. Ok… I did it again… I’ll try to stay focused on the subject… The 1974 live version of Dark Side Of The Moon included in the Immersion set is without doubt, the best of the live versions I’ve seen…

Mentioned in both the review and in the comment above is the DVD included in the Immersion Set of the actual concert screen film from gigs in ’74. As the reviewer says:
That’s right – never mind trying to sync up The Wizard Of Oz with a playing of Dark Side, kids: simply tune into one of these puppies and absorb the graphics the band themselves offered up on the big screens behind them back in the day.

If you're anything like me, that's just something you must, MUST, see before your ride on planet earth is up. Well, thankfully, there's youtube. And some blessed soul took the monetary hit for the rest of us and then was generous enough to post this particular piece of glory:

After viewing and thoroughly enjoying the entire movie,  I felt like I had perhaps overdone it a little, but I still couldn't help myself from having just one more (just like how it always goes for me on Christmas)... and so I clicked on one of the youtube videos recommended to me for viewing next: an official "trailer" for the Immersion Set itself. And when it started I was taken aback: the song Money is featured first, accompanied by the word MONEY in large caps, and visuals of coins cascading everywhere, including over the album itself, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was supposed to be ironic, a wink to the viewer, an admission of guilt on the band's part, as if they’re saying that they admit they’re doing these Immersion Sets for the money, and also just like on Christmas, even though the whole thing is really fun, that nagging feeling crept into the back of my mind that it's all just being shoved down our throats so people who are already rich can make more money:

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